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The wedding dress can only refer to the clothes worn on the body, and can also include the veil and bouquets. The wedding dress comes from the West, and is different from the traditional Chinese red skirt mainly in red. The white wedding dress represents the purity of the heart, and gradually evolved into a symbol of virginity.
In general, the main types of wedding dresses are A-shaped wedding dresses, straight wedding dresses, Qidi wedding dresses, small trailing wedding dresses, large trailing wedding dresses, pettiskirt wedding dresses, jumpsuit wedding dresses, suspender wedding dresses, tube top wedding dresses, plain wedding dresses , Beaded wedding dress, puff sleeve wedding dress, princess wedding dress, close-fitting wedding dress, high waist line wedding dress.

With the rapid growth of China's national economy and the continuous change of people's dress concepts, people are chasing fashion more and more quickly, and newcomers also have higher expectations and requirements for wedding dresses. Today, the demand for the Chinese wedding dress market is increasing, and the ready-to-wear rate of wedding dresses is increasing year by year. The production and sales of wedding dresses have become a hot spot pursued by many companies.

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