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Who pays for the engagement banquet?

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Marriage is a very important thing, so before the wedding ceremony, many newcomers will first hold an engagement ceremony. Engagement can allow parents of both parties to have more contacts, new couples adapt to marital life in advance, and help to get along after marriage. Who should pay for the engagement party? Lets come look!

Who is suitable for the engagement party

1. Look at the location of the engagement banquet
Generally speaking, the engagement is to hold a banquet in the woman's house, so all the expenses at the banquet are naturally the responsibility of the woman's house. But now many people do not like cooking at home, so they go to the hotel to hold an engagement ceremony. If you are engaged in a hotel, the man can book the banquet or the woman can book the banquet.

2. Refer to local customs
Every place has its own wedding custom, and there are different opinions on the matter of engagement. If the local party requires that the engagement party is the woman ’s responsibility, then refer to local customs and let the woman pay for the engagement party. If the local does not say anything about this, then the two can discuss it. In general, when the man is engaged, the man will give the woman three golds and a gift.

Engagement detailed process arrangement

1. Parent communication
Before getting engaged, parents of both parties should formally meet and communicate. If the parents are satisfied, they can talk about the engagement. It is best to communicate in advance what gifts to bring and how many gifts to give, to avoid quarrels during engagement.

2. Selected Jiri
Engagement is just as important as getting married, so you ca n’t choose a day for the ceremony, you have to choose a lucky day. In addition to auspicious days, we also have to choose a meeting time. The better auspicious time is generally ten o'clock in the morning, which means perfect.

3. Inform guests
After the date is confirmed, you can book the engagement hotel, many popular hotels need to book in advance. After confirming the specific location of the ceremony, guests need to be notified. Engaged guests are relatively few, generally matchmakers and prestigious elders.

4. Prepare gifts
Before going to the engagement ceremony, it is necessary to prepare gifts. The man generally needs to prepare a gift, as well as three gold or hardware, and an engagement ring. The woman needs to prepare engagement clothing and gifts for the man.

5. Matchmaker speech
On the day of the engagement ceremony, if there is a matchmaker, the matchmaker needs to speak to preside over the whole ceremony. If there is no matchmaker, it is the parents of both parties who speak to express their views on the marriage. Newcomers can also communicate with elders to get acquainted.

6. Exchange of tokens
The most important part of the engagement ceremony is the exchange of tokens. The man's house gives gifts and three golds, and the woman's house confirms it. The couple then exchanged rings to complete the engagement ceremony. After the end, the newcomer will pay tribute to the parents, and then the parents will pay the correction fee.

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