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The most complete list of items for marriage preparation

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Preparing for the wedding is very tedious, and many of the things that need to be purchased require new couples to start planning two or three months in advance. From the items used in the marriage room to the essential things on the wedding day, the marriage preparation list is not ready, this preparation process can be not so easy.

Marriage preparation list: wedding room supplies

In the couple's wedding room, the first thing we need to prepare is brand new bedding. The color of the bedding should be determined according to the overall color of the wedding room, and the color should not be too blunt. In addition, home appliances in the marriage room should also be newly purchased, including air conditioners, and furniture such as wardrobes.

Some places pay more attention to traditional marriage customs, and the press doll, which is an essential part of the press, must be prepared. The press doll is actually a product of the evolution of the press custom. No matter what material the doll is, it must abide by the principle that it is a humanoid doll.

Marriage preparation list: costume jewelry

In terms of clothing and jewelry, first of all, the wedding dresses of the groom and the bride should be prepared. According to your wedding process, choose the corresponding clothing style, such as toast clothing, ceremonial yarn, etc. If you want to make your wedding scene more harmonious and unified, the groomsmen and bridesmaid dresses are best prepared by the new couple. At the wedding ceremony, if the parents do not have appropriate clothing to wear, the couple can also buy a dress for the elders.

In addition, the most important thing in jewelry is the wedding ring. The bride may not wear any jewelry during the wedding ceremony, but the ring must be indispensable. If during the preliminary preparation process, the man has given a gift such as three wedding gold, it can also be worn on the wedding day.

Marriage preparation list: snacks

Most people now hand over the wedding banquet to a special hotel, but outside of the wedding banquet, snacks and other things still need to be prepared by the newcomers themselves. At the wedding site and the homes of both parties, snacks such as dried fruit, candy, fruit, and various cakes should be prepared to entertain guests who come to Daoxi.

For drinks, although some wedding hotels will provide them, in order to be more economical, many newcomers will choose to prepare their own drinks. When preparing, keep in mind that it is usually a table with a bottle of white wine, a bottle of red wine, two bottles of beer, plus two bottles of drinks. This is the most conventional match, and can be adjusted and changed on this basis.

Marriage preparation list: decorative props
At the wedding site, if the task of decorating and decorating is given to the wedding company, the newcomers need very few decorative props, otherwise, they need to prepare a large number of decorative items, such as flowers, balloons, pull flowers, ribbons, lanterns There are also various items such as double happiness, dragon and phoenix candles.

The general wedding site layout is completed by the wedding company, but the wedding room is played by the newcomers themselves. Wedding room decorations usually use pull flowers, digital balloons, flowers, and various doll ornaments.
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