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What should I wear for the wedding?

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Attending the wedding ceremony is definitely something that excites everyone, witnessing the happiness of others, and also sharing this good luck. However, after all, the wedding is a very formal occasion, in which everything must respect the newcomers, be polite and courteous. What should I wear for the wedding? Take a look with me!

What to wear for the wedding

1. Style

First of all, from the perspective of clothing styles, girls can choose light-colored solid color dresses, macarons-colored suits, shirts with umbrella skirts, or fresh floral floral dresses. If you are attending a wedding in winter, you can consider woolen coats and trench coats, etc., with a sweater and skirt, simple and decent.

For boys, the choice of clothing styles is relatively small. When men participate in weddings in summer, they can wear light and breathable casual blazers, paired with jeans or casual pants. If it is a wedding theme such as a seaside wedding, you can try a floral shirt and shorts. In winter, you can choose a coat.

2. Color

Color is an important factor when choosing clothing for a wedding. Women attending weddings usually wear light-colored clothing, such as beige, khaki, beige, aqua blue and so on. If you are attending a wedding in winter, you can also wear camel and other colors that are popular in the season.

The color of clothing for men to participate in weddings is not as diverse as that of women. For men, it is best to wear khaki, beige, brown, navy blue and so on.

Attentions when choosing wedding clothing:

1. Taboo points

There are some taboos that everyone must understand when choosing clothing for the wedding. First of all, the style of clothing should be simple and elegant, not too sexy. The wedding itself is a very solemn occasion. If everyone wears very sexy and exposed clothing styles, they do not match the wedding ceremony style, and they seem to disrespect the newcomers.

In addition, in color selection, the main thing to note is that you can not choose the same color as the bride and groom clothing color. Generally at weddings, white and red are the colors of the new couple by default. When choosing clothing, you should avoid these two colors.

2. Requirements

For some more formal weddings, the newcomer will write the guest's recommendation on the choice of clothing on the invitation. For example, on the wedding invitations of Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua, there was an item that suggested that female guests wear white or beige clothing. If you follow the newcomer's dress requirements and choose the dress for the wedding, you will definitely not go wrong.
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