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The difference between new Chinese and Chinese wedding

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Chinese traditional weddings have a very long history and are constantly evolving and evolving. The new Chinese wedding that is popular among young people now is the evolution of the traditional Chinese wedding. What are the characteristics of the new Chinese wedding? What is the difference between New Chinese and Chinese wedding? Let's take a look!

1. The style characteristics of the new Chinese wedding
1. Wedding elements
In the new Chinese wedding, there are many unique wedding primary colors, which are its unique style characteristics. New Chinese weddings are generally ink paintings or calligraphic elements, with distinctive traditional Chinese characteristics. When arranging the venue, a lot of traditional objects will be incorporated, such as oil paper umbrellas, wedding candles, etc.

2. Collocation effect
The collocation effect of the new Chinese wedding is very characteristic. It is not a simple festive red, but a style with a novelty in the tradition. When setting up a new Chinese wedding scene, in addition to the traditional red elements, some primary colors such as gold and light blue can also be added, which looks more characteristic.
Second, the difference between the new Chinese and Chinese wedding

1. Wedding process
The process of the new Chinese wedding can be freely chosen. If a Western wedding is held, the process of Western wedding should be chosen. If you are holding a Chinese wedding, choose the Chinese wedding process. For traditional Chinese weddings, the process must follow the Chinese wedding. The most important process of traditional Chinese wedding is to worship and drink glasses of wine, while the important process of new Chinese wedding is to exchange rings.

2. Wedding clothing
In traditional Chinese weddings, new couples must wear traditional dresses, such as dragon and phoenix gowns, Xiuhe clothes, phoenix corsets, gowns and so on. In the new Chinese wedding, the couple can wear wedding dresses, cheongsams, and traditional dresses. There are also differences in wedding theme colors. The theme color of new Chinese weddings is generally champagne, while in Chinese weddings, red is the main wedding color.

Summary: I believe everyone knows the difference between the new Chinese wedding and the traditional Chinese wedding above. If the couple likes traditional culture, they can hold a formal traditional wedding. If the couple just like traditional elements, they can hold a new Chinese wedding.
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